PCM Thermal Solutions provides product development services that include the design, development, prototype fabrication, testing, and evaluation of products that contain PCMs (all types of PCM’s available in the market) for both industrial and consumer market for all types of applications. We can also help you in finding manufacturers which will then make your product in large quantities.

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PCM Thermal Solutions is an R&D and consulting firm specialized in the design and development of pr oducts and engineering/industrial systems that incorporate phase change materials (PCMs)

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Product Design Services

We at PCM Thermal Solutions will work closely with you to provide a complete range of design, development, and evaluation services from concept to finished product. Working with us will enable you to maximize your production capabilities and achieve your goals faster. Our resources are supplemented with the outside support of reliable suppliers with whom we have developed long-term partnerships.

Our capabilities include:

Feasibility and Prior Art Searches and Studies
Numerical Analysis using CFD and CHT
Product Development
Product Design
Design for Cost Reduction
Industrial Design
Concept Development
Test and Validation
Rapid Prototyping

We have in-house powerful and advanced mechanical, electrical, and software computer-aided design packages. These packages produce sophisticated computer modeling that reduces the number of design iterations and project duration.

We at PCM Thermal Solutions specialize in Product Design and Development of products and devices that incorporate phase change Materials (PCMs) for all consumer and industrial applications. Here are a few examples of PCM-containing products. Please call us or enamil ou for details.Send an Email

    • Coolers and products to keep things cool
    • Warmers and products to keep things warm/hot
    • Shipping containers for all types of applications and temperatures
    • Thermal storage systems, containers, etc
    • Kitchenware
    • Biomedical and biological carrying systems
    • Battery coolers/warmers
    • Solar Energy/Passive systems
    • Construction Products
    • Automotive/aerospace products



PCM Thermal Solutions

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What We Offer:

General Thermal Consulting Services: PCM Thermal Solutions provides thermal tngineering consulting and R&D design and development services on all areas of thermal engineering. Furthermore we also provide consulting on the design and development for the Thermal Management of ELECTRONICS and TELECOMMUNICATION systems and components
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Legal/Expert Services
Expert Witness Services in Thermal Engineering for Product Liability,Patents and Intellectual Property
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CFD Software [Phoenics], Ready-made and custom enclosures, cooling equipment such as air conditioners, heat exchangers, PCM cooling devices, thermal storage equipment using PCM’s
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Computer Consulting
Design, deployment, and maintenance of CFD, FEA, and Expert systems. Learn more

Short Courses and Seminars
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Our Sister Company

MJM engineering is a full service engineering consulting and research and development company specialized in the cooling of electronics. We also can help you with your legal/expert witness projects. Please click below for more information.

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