PCM Thermal Solutions has designed and developed heat exchanger systems that incorporate our PCMs (see bulk PCM pages) for the thermal management of engineering systems. Learn more



PCM Thermal Solutions can design and develop a battery jacket that will allow your telecom batteries be kept at optimal conditions. Learn more


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Underfloor Heating and Residential/Commerciall Uses of PCMs

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Biomedical and Bioengineering Services:

Research on the engineering aspects of biological systems such as heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodymics characteristics, fundamental equations and controlling factors.

Design and Development of Medical and Biological Equipment for Diagnostic/Therapeutic Products/Services with or without Phase Change Materials.

Development of mathematical models and computer simulations of human biological systems using computer software, graphics and other related technologies.

Designing and developing medical instrument and devices.

Research biomedical fundamentals to provide scientific support of initial concepts. Provide advice on medical device compliance with national and international standards and regulations.


PCM Thermal Solutions is an R&D and consulting firm specialized in the design and development of pr oducts and engineering/industrial systems that incorporate phase change materials (PCMs)

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Phase Change Materials (PCM) Consulting

Development of new PCM’s

New and Novel PCM packaging concepts and developments.

Economic assessment of PCM’s into your existing and new products

Testing of PCM’s and Prototypes that contain PCM’s

CUSTOM PCM Heat Sinks for Electronics Packaging  Applications. Learn more

PCM Thermal Solutions

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Other Services:

Products: PCM Thermal solutions has available PCMs of different temperatures for any applications. We also have a number of products for the telecom industry. Contact our office for more details.

Search & Evaluation: For example, we can help you search and select the proper PCM and PCM related equipment such as heat sinks, enclosures, or any kind of metal extrusion incorporating PCMs for any particular application.

Training: We develop short courses tailored to your needs, presented on your premises. Or, you can send your employees to short courses regularly scheduled during the year.

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What We Offer:


General Thermal Consulting Services: PCM Thermal Solutions provides thermal tngineering consulting and R&D design and development services on all areas of thermal engineering. Furthermore we also provide consulting on the design and development for the Thermal Management of ELECTRONICS and TELECOMMUNICATION systems and components
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Legal/Expert Services
Expert Witness Services in Thermal Engineering for Product Liability,Patents and Intellectual Property
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CFD Software [Phoenics], Ready-made and custom enclosures, cooling equipment such as air conditioners, heat exchangers, PCM cooling devices, thermal storage equipment using PCM’s
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Computer Consulting
Design, deployment, and maintenance of CFD, FEA, and Expert systems. Learn more

Short Courses and Seminars
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Our Sister Company

MJM engineering is a full service engineering consulting and research and development company specialized in the cooling of electronics. We also can help you with your legal/expert witness projects. Please click below for more information.

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